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InternetMarketz.com is a digital marketing agency helping our clients secure quality leads using advanced technology, sophisticated advertising, and proprietary tools.   We provide accountable results, helping our clients build market share, engage customers,  increase sales, improve profitability and outperform competition.  
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  • Video Marketing

One video is worth a million words.  Our video marketing subsidiary is a full service agency that will provide custom, semi-custom, and/or generic videos to promote your business or product.  Custom designed, live spokesperson, white board, green screen, explainer videos, and more, are now at your fingertips.  As video is an integral part of our overall marketing services, production pricing is modest for our agency clients.  

  • Facebook Marketing

The world of business marketing has changed forever.  Facebook now provides a platform where businesses may interact with customers to build relationships, increase their  customer base, and market to customers in their store.  Over 1.4  billion Facebook users are available. Astounding results are seen.  You think you know Facebook? Look again!

  • Reputation Management
Reputation management has become a major problem for local business over the last few years with the emergence of review sites like Yelp, Facebook Places and Facebook Professional Services, among others. For a local business, the quality of reviews on sites like Yelp can mean the difference between being flooded with customers, or being avoided by customers. Your customers, are on Yelp looking to buy.  You either get those customers, or your competition does.  Fact:  Businesses have closed their doors as a result of bad reviews on Yelp.  
  • Quality Lead Generation

In the old days you started a business, hung out a shingle, and used newspaper, magazine, and broadcast media to generate leads.  That was expensive, haphazard, and untraceable.  Internet lead generation is everything the old formats were not.  Hyper targeted advertising, websites, Social Media pages, and mobile push marketing can deliver more perfect customers with statistics of origin so money is spent only where results are proven. 

  • Mobile Marketing 

Mobile means smart phones, tablets and even laptops that may access on-line information anywhere.  Over 60% of all people on the Internet are using mobile devices.  To market mobile make sure your website is “mobile ready,” or, even visible on mobile devices.  Beyond that, mobile marketing can include “push notifications, Hyper Mobile Targeting, and Facebook Instant Articles,” among others.  See response rates skyrocket.

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Who Needs Digital Marketing? 
The world of business marketing has changed forever.  If you haven’t heard, Facebook now provides a platform where business may publish articles instantly on Facebook pages and simultaneously on mobile devices connected to Facebook.

Using this technology you can instantly communicate with as many as 1.4 billion Facebook users, 60%  of which are mobile, at the same time; again (ahem), instantly.  This is brand new.  Major players (New York Times, National Geographic, NBC News, BBC News, MTV, Cosmopolitan, Washington Post, Huffington Post, and more) were the first to see and use this it.  Results are astounding. 
  • Quality Lead generation is an art and a science.  The art involves targeting the right individuals; the science involves delivering a call from that individual to the company that can provide a solution to the individual's problems.

  • We use paid advertising, social media, and proprietary lists to identify and deliver quality leads to our clients.

  • Results are immediate and we provide call tracking, recording, and statistics to verify the effectiveness of our campaigns.  In other words, we are accountable.
Internet Marketz is a subsidiary of Vitality Haus, LLC.  It is the epicenter from which hyper local mobile marketing, video marketing, social media marketing, lead generation, and reputation management is administered.  We are one of only a few agencies in the World to have Voice Drop technology, which allows us to "drop" a voice mail on a phone without the phone ringing, bothering, or being charged to the recipient. Open rates are outstanding.  Your message will get through, and you really need to know about this if you are in business and want more customers.  Seriously!
About Us
Our History
In 1998, I launched my first Internet based e-commerce platform, Chili River Trading Company, building the entire website, shopping cart, and customer management programs from scratch.  

Hi, I’m Paul Woodall, and since Chili River I have learned a lot about marketing on the Internet and helping others generate income, get customers, and prosper on-line.  

Today, my wife and I own a successful Internet Publishing Company, Internet Marketing Company, and a Consulting Company that draws on our 18+ years of Internet Marketing experience.  

The bottom line, we practice what we preach and give our client the benefit of our experience.  See About Us 
Even at the most basic level, our services are custom tailored for our clients.  
Our Services
  • Video Marketing
It’s no secret that video sells.  Upgrade your website and your marketing pages with a custom video.  In fact, conversions increase by a factor of 4 when video is involved.  We have men and women spokespersons and can produce a custom video for you quickly and inexpensively.  Video marketing means money in your pocket.
  • Lead Generation 
Every business depends on new customers. With the Internet you can target the type of customer you want and give them what they are looking for, for less than any other form of advertising.  That means a high ROI and more bottom line profit.  Our Hyper Mobile Marketing is highly targeted  mobile marketing and it delivers.  It is rocket science. 
  • Mobile Marketing 
We are a mobile society.  Sixty percent (and growing) of people access the Internet today via a mobile device.  If you are not marketing to mobile compatible prospects, you are missing a major boat.  We market to mobile users, using 21st Century technology.  Work with us.  You will increase your business and that's a guarantee. 
  • Reputation Management 
Here is the truth.  Your online reputation dynamically impacts your business—positively or negatively.  Bad reviews online can literally put you out of business.  Ignoring your online reputation does not make it go away.  You have to engage in an active program to cure reputation problems.  We can help.

“You miss 100 percent of the shots you never take.”  Wayne Gretzky

The hardest thing for most people to do is to try something new.  It’s funny, because I was an MS-DOS nerd back at the dawn of the personal computer age; and went kicking and screaming into the Windows era. 

As one who knew the elegance, speed, and practicality of DOS, using Windows seemed to be a step backward.  Windows was for novices.  It was a toy, and no real computer guy would be caught dead using Windows. 

Fast forward now and of course Windows is the norm upon which we all rely and use equally, whether expert and rookie, without a second thought. Likewise, shifting from 20th Century marketing techniques to 21st Century on-line marketing can be hard to do.

The point is, like finding a good Hair Salon, Doctor, or Auto Mechanic, finding the right Internet Marketing partner can be a hit or miss proposition.  We get it, and won’t be offended if you go with Uncle John’s neighbor’s high school age son.  We wish you well. 

But, working with us will mean you can relax knowing that your Internet marketing is not going to cost you a fortune.  And yet, even though our fees are modest, you are not going to get cheap service. You are going to get the same quality of service, the same tools, and the same results that the big guys deliver; only they charge a lot more money.  


Our job, the objective that gets us going in the morning, is helping you get more customers, make more money and get your message in front more of the right people than you would have without us. 

You have the latest technology at your beck and call, working for you without having to hire a full time coder, Internet Technician, graphic designer, web developer, or live spokesperson, (in other words a full time Internet Marketing department), as well as video marketing experts and push notification app developers. 


Working with us means:  You can take as much, or as little of your time as you require managing your online activity.  Our philosophy is that “if you can do it yourself, you do not need to pay to have it done” (and in many cases we will show you how to do it). 

If, however,  it is more cost effective to have us do a task, freeing you up to manage and grow your business, then we will do the work with your bottom line in mind.  You will have accountability from us, and with advice and consultation, your on-line reputation will improve; which (again) will result in more organic business, and more profit for you.

Take a Look 
Take a look at our services.  Give us a call or email us to set a time to discuss your marketing needs and objectives.  Of course, you are under no obligation to go forward.  Our intent always is to increase your business, preserve your existing customer base, and help you build additional customers going forward. We have the tools, expertise and experience to do just that.  

We are happy to help you (if we can) to do your own marketing, and if you have the time you may see some results.  

To give you a hand we offer you a list of 29 Marketing Tools that are all free.  Just fill in your name and email address in the form to the right so we will know where to send the Tools.

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