About Us

about us

In 1998, I launched my first Internet based e-commerce platform, Chili River Trading Company, building the entire website, shopping cart, and customer management programs from scratch.

Hi, I’m Paul Woodall, and since Chili River I have learned a lot about marketing on the Internet and helping others generate income, get customers, and prosper on-line.

Today, my wife and I own a successful Internet Publishing Company, Internet Marketing Company, and a Consulting Company that draws on our 18+ years of Internet Marketing experience.

We specialize in providing exclusive leads to offline businesses like independent automobile dealers, insurance companies, real estate firms, optical companies, gyms and sporting goods companies, and many more.  Our technology is 21st Century, leading edge, and exclusive.  Our clients get accountability and results beyond their experience with other firms, and completely beyond their expectations.

The bottom line, we practice what we preach and give our client the benefit of our experience.  They prosper and we are happy.


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